Q: Do you guys travel? 
A: Yes, absolutely, TwoForTheShow has performed in every Canadian province as well as USA and Mexico. 

Q: Do you guys do private parties, birthdays, anniversaries etc.?
A: We do! No function is too big or too small. TwoForTheShow provides music, comedy and entertainment for all ages. From corporate to back yard parties, we do it all. More info here: 

Q: Can I book TwoForTheShow for my wedding?

A: For sure you can - Check out our wedding page here: 

Q: Where can we see you guys play?

A: For upcoming shows please visit:  

Q: How long have you guys been doing this?  

A: We have been friends since high school and launched TFTS for fun in May of 1992 and soon discovered we could make a living doing something we loved.

Q: Can my company hire you guys to play our corporate event?

A: Of course! Please visit our corporate site for all the information:

Q: How do I know if you guys are available for a booking?
A: Best to send us an email on our "Contact Us" page, here's the link: 

Q: Is it true that Rob has never had an alcoholic beverage in his life?
​A: Yes that is true - and no big story, he just doesn't drink. 

Q: Which one of your daughter's is on the TV show Degrassi?
A: Jessica Tyler is Rob Tyler's middle daughter, she plays Jenna Middleton on the award winning television series Degrassi.


about us

Music & Comedy


Many years in the making, we feel we have mastered the perfect night out. Our comfortable chemistry and on stage experience tells us that people like a mix of popular styles and era’s. This includes: Classic rock, 80’s, Dance Music, Reggae, Country (old + new).

​We hold ourselves to a high standard (it has to be good) with sound, lights, professionalism, performance and conduct. Our motto is....”Keep it fun, make em’ laugh, sing and dance.”